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About Confidential Tax Service

We have been serving customers of Burlington County since 1986. The company was formed in Riverside, New Jersey in 1986 by Frederick G. Foote, MBA, Enrolled Agent. Realizing that small business owners, particularly new ones, were often perplexed by financial and legal questions, we initially offered a wide variety of services that provided small business owners with a complete package of solutions for their many needs.


These included:

  •  -Accounting
  •  -Insurance
  •  -Tax Consultation and Preparation


Other areas in which we lacked the professional expertise for assistance, were referred to qualified contacts we had developed. In our first year of operation, our clientele consisted of around 20 business clients and we had completed around 125 individual and business tax returns.


Our Clients

Throughout the years the company has grown considerably, providing services to 200-300 business clients on a contractual basis, and preparing in excess of 4,500 income tax returns in 2014. We prefer to deal with small to medium sized businesses as we feel it allows us to maintain a more personal touch with our clients.


Working With Our Clients

With tax preparation, the majority of our clients are returning clients, often with new referrals. We offer all the same services that all our competitors offer but at a reduced rate. While it would be simple to join our competitors and charge outrageous fees, we opt to provide a high quality service at a reasonable rate. Many of our clients have used the major tax preparation firms in the past and have proved to be our best advertisement. As required by the IRS, we also efile all returns, unless you opt out, and can deposit your refund into your bank account or on a debit card. Of course you still have the option of a check being mailed by the Department of the Treasury.

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